Supreme Memories

Memory as the origin of feelings and inspiration is the concept behind the new Supreme Memories collection. These new surfaces use cutting-edge technology to enhance the aesthetic potential of the marble effect, transforming porcelain stoneware into a powerfully evocative material capable of conveying emotions while fulfilling the needs of contemporary design. SUPREME MEMORIES comes in five different finishes. The Soft slabs and polished Lux surfaces are complemented by the two new versions Natural, which offers improved slip resistance, and Antique 3D in which exclusive 3Dtech technology recreates the unique aesthetics of antique marble. Furthermore, the R11 non-slip surface with a thickness of 20mm allows for the creation of visually continuous solutions between inside and outside.



slip resistant
20 mm

Full body porcelain


NaturalAntislippery R11PolishedSoftAntique 3DP.techLux 3DSoft 3D


120x120 (48"x48")60x120 (24”x48”)120x280 (48"x112")7,5x40,7 (3"x16")


  • Floor tiles
  • Tiles for coverings
  • Slip resistance R10
  • Slip resistance R11
  • Slip resistance A + B + C
  • Slip resistance > 0,40
  • Slip resistance > 0,42
  • Slip resistance P3
  • Slip resistance P4
  • V2 Slight variation



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